Why we exist?

Our mission to connect the best started in 2015. Our first step towards achieving global connectivity was finding the best websites and bringing them all together into one network. We believe connecting the best of the web will allow people from around the globe to properly enjoy the grand and complex web in a simple way. By connecting sports, news, business, science, tech and much more, you can literally stay informed with everything. It’s all here, it's all a click away. Are we the largest hand selected collection of awesome websites? Probably, but who's counting. We still need to add thousands of awesome sites into our network.

You can search for what you need with the many popular search engines, but at SurfBounce.com, we can help you discover so much, because here, everything is a click away.

Our second step towards achieving global connectivity was by connecting the most popular and talented people. We wanted to bring different celebrities closer together in a unique way. By connecting these celebs, you can find, follow, read and learn about your favourite public figures. We are still missing thousands and thousands of amazing people!

SurfBounce is a innovative company three years in the making. B.D.Calzato - also known as Damian (Founder, Creator & Entrepreneur), has big plans for the company’s future. Our future holds many improvements, additions and changes. We need your help: investors, developers and partners are welcome. Contact Damian directly: damiancalzato@gmail.com.

We started as amateurs. Damian was not a professional web developer, but he had a vision to connect the entire internet in a unique way. With many big ideas for the web, but no resources to outsource the big vision, he was forced to take classes to learn web development and graphic design. We are still very far from reaching our intended functionality and user experience. Our future projects are on hold, because before we can continue to release innovation, we need to master our current user experience. Our plan is to create something so special and so useful - We are still working on it.
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