About Us

Founded in 2015 by a Dreamer. At SurfBounce we believe that the internet is more than a search engine. The future of the internet is one where everything is connected. Our internet is made up of one billion websites. That’s way too many to keep up with - Wouldn’t it be fantastic to find the BEST resources and the FAMOUS stars in one place?

What is SurfBounce?

A technology company - which is committed to providing the BEST information and the BEST resources the internet and the world has to offer. Dedicated to excellence and devoted to drastically improving the internet.

Enjoy the BEST and most USEFUL online resources. Or explore the profiles of Famous CELEBRITIES. Whatever it is, SurfBounce facilitates finding ALL the popular interests. Find the things your interested in, find the things you LOVE. SurfBounce is uniting people and information from all around the globe. SurfBounce is a ONE of a KIND, Original CREATION with much more cool innovation on the way.

What's OUR Next INNOVATION..? Wouldn't you like to know..!



Our Story

Founded in Toronto during the spring of 2015. SurfBounce is committed to providing the BEST information and the BEST resources the internet and the world has to offer. Dedicated to excellence, SurfBounce is devoted to drastically improving the internet. A technology company with a unique vision and big dreams.

The Founder, B.D.Calzato - aka Damian - grew up during the rise of the internet and always had big ideas for the world wide web. “I did my fair share of SURFING around the net for about 20 years now - and as an innovator, amazing ideas flock to me. But with my business knowledge, I know that ideas are worthless without brilliant execution. So as any innovator does, he plans and then he follows his intuition, he follows his gut. The first 2 years were the roughest. People try to put doubt and fear into you - but when you know where your heading - you don’t let the critics and cynics prevent you from taking risks, taking leaps and from creating ideas. Any good idea can work with enough love, passion and patience.” The founder says.

"Everyone wants your attention. Even the companies that barely provide any value - want your attention - and they also want your dollars. So I wanted to create something so valuable, that wasn’t for the money, something that I could use for the rest of my life."

In fact, in the first 2 years of SurfBounce being created we didn’t even try to monetize. And yes, money still is very important to us, we need to keep the lights on and pay the Wifi - but we didn’t build it for the money. Now as we dominate this space, we are absolutely certain we will have a huge impact on internet capabilities for generations to come.

Everyday, SurfBounce welcomes new and returning visitors from around the globe. People come to us for a variety of reasons. From booking a travel vacation to exploring the latest sports news, SurfBounce shines when it comes to finding what you need.

Whether you know the internet very well, or if you know nothing about it, we can help you. Our social media accounts are still small. But that does not stop up from producing A-Level work. It does not stop us from creating masterful products, services and experiences. What we are building has so much value - the mainstream followers and fans will come when the time is right. There are a million different applications for SurfBounce. You need us, you just don’t know it yet. Some people have already figured it out. That’s why we already have a following, daily users and subscribers.


About The Founder..

B Damian Calzato founded SurfBounce in 2015. Bio Coming SOON..
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