ALL about the Founder

Damian - the founder has been inspired from an early age in life to be an innovator and to achieve great things. Damian has also been studying from the business and life masters for many years. Get to know the founder. Who is Damian studying? What does Damian like? Here are some of Damian's favourite entrepreneurs, educators, interests, passions and more. And check out some of his selfies during the 3+ years of building SurfBounce! Can you credit this innovative creation to one person? Not quite. Damian gives the biggest credit and thanks to his family, friends and all of masters who have taught and inspired Damian through the years.


My FAVOURITE Current Educators

These educators and entrepreneurs have added a ton of great value and wisdom into Damian's life. Damian loves to study these giants on the daily and he recommends their videos to anyone.


MORE of My FAVOURITE Educators

"These are more of my favourite mentors. I LOVE learning from them. They have also added a great deal of value and knowledge into my life. These teachers have amazing content, and I highly recommend you follow them."

My FAVOURITE All-Time Entrepreneurs

These business giants and innovators have changed the world. And as a byproduct they have inspired Damian by doing so. These giants have created huge innovations, companies, brands and movements that Damian is moved by. "Watch their videos, learn from them daily." says the founder.


Early on, at the beginning of Damian's journey to greatness, he discovered and studied these great teachers for many years. He still watches their educational videos today. Damian recommends learning from these wise leaders. We are still missing some important people here, we will be adding more of his early educators!


Here are some of Damian's interests, passions and favorite SurfBounce categories!

The FOUNDER: Braulio Damian Calzato, A SELFIE Profile

Up close and personal. What better way to get to know someone - then selfies! A collection of Damian's selfies throughout his 3+ years of building SurfBounce. Whether he was taking a break or about to start working, he managed to take some pics. "Building SurfBounce was an obsession, and it still is." These are not his professional photos.


Every STAR on SurfBounce has special talents. And we want to recognize those people who have changed the world. Those who create movies and music. Those who perform at the highest level. Thank you for giving your talents to the world. Access the Celeb's Biographies, Websites, Youtube Channels, Facebook Pages, Music Playlists, Instagram Accounts, and Much MORE (A-Z).


Access, Explore and Discover over 1,000 of the Internet's BEST Resources. Whether you know the internet very well, or you know nothing about it, we can help you. Every resource on SurfBounce serves a purpose. Imagine a place where all of the internet's best resources are connected for anyone's convenience.

Every idea and innovation we inject into SurfBounce could be separated and built into a giant company. But we said: you know what? Let’s build it all into an empire.

Anyone with internet access will be able to find multiple applications for SurfBounce and all of it’s innovations. Just like Google, YouTube, Facebook and others, SurfBounce will appeal to all genders, ages and ethnicities.

MORE Coming Soon

More coming soon. More creations, more categories, more resources, more people, more innovation.